We use biological products, purchased directly from the producer, mostly from the village of Atea. We prepare the food together with the children. We have a large barbecue, an oven etc. We also offer special diets: lactose-free, gluten-free, for diabetics etc. Please specify your preference in the registration form.


It takes place in groups of 6-8 children, 30 munutes a day, and consists of gymnastics on the back of the horse. The child develops a sense of balance, rhythm and learning to integrate into the team.


30 minutes a day on the longe or free on our riding area. Everyone get an individual training. The children learn the basics of the English riding school, step, trap, gallop, dressage, small obstacles.


For all the advanced, after a previous test on longe, dressage and obstacle, we organize 2-hour rides a day, where they have to bring their own equipment (helmet, spine protector, trousers and riding boots, gloves).


A 3-hour opportunity, with trailer or tractor, in groups of up to 10 children.