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Our first volunteers

Fernanda - one of our first volunteers

Be a volunteer

Become a volunteer, join us this summer!

What do we offer:

• Horse riding camp experience for children between 6 and 13
• Quizzes ,contests , arts and hand craftsmanship , interactive board games , creating and playing team games
• Help in preparing and cooking your meals
• For those with prior experience with horses : horse up keeping , grooming , relax training after riding , Aiding during training exercises 
• Gardening
• Feeding the animals, cleaning the boxes , basic treatment , the most common affections in the different species and what to pay attention to in the animals health and wellbeing
On our farm you will find : horses, donkeys , mangalitsa pork, Vietnamese pigs, ducks , gooses and rabbits
• Greeting and checking in booking guests
• Working in our grocery and souvenir shop


What we do for you:

• Transfer from the airport
• Welcome package
• In the 10 days between the horse riding camps we have a series of events you can choose from
Music festivals ( Electric Castle Festival , Untold Festival , Street Music Festival , Hungarian Partium Days,
Sightseeing in the nearby cities ( Cluj Napoca, Baia Mare ,Carei , Ardud )
Field trips in the local mountains ( Apuseni, Maramures ,), to nearby lakes (Mujdeni, Oteloaia, Calinesti etc.)
• Learn how to update and do maintenance for a website, Basics in photography , photo editing, inventing new and fun games we teach our campers 
• Exterior design and gardening , building adobe houses
• If you would like and you are up to new challenges , we can teach you horse riding, horseback gymnastics , cooking and learning traditional foods, meeting and greeting new people that come to our doorsteps throughout booking , airbnb and others.

One of our goals is that during your stay we want you to soak up some geography , history and Romanian culture and traditions.


What we expect from you:

• Tell us about you and your life , where you come from , about your people and traditions, the foods that define your local kitchen
• Teach us something that represents your country and its people
• During your stay make us a souvenir that best portrays the place you come from that will remind us of you and the time you spent here

Help us grow and get better with advices and feedbacks.

We can’t guarantee the weather but we can guarantee a warm welcome.

Be like our first volunteers, and join our team!